The GWS gospel according to Gordon

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May 13, 2013 by dixwah

Gordon Wallace-Smith blogs on life as a Giants tragic from the sparsity of the Skoda Stadium bleachers

I really don’t understand what SMH journalist Andrew Wu is trying to achieve with his libelous claims concerning any racial overtone from Kevin Sheedy’s post-match comments on Sunday.

Straight up, there’s an obvious bias at play. Stealing from Lleyton Hewitt: ‘you look at Wu, you look at all the Wanderers fans the immigration department targeted for them, and you tell me what the similarity is’.*

We all know the Immigration Department has been lobbying the Wanderers cause for decades now. They also sit on the AFL scheduling committee. If this isn’t a vendetta, Phil Gould overhypes the impact of GWS on the future of the NRL!

Next. Sheeds point about the crowd was well founded. If the AFL is serious about promoting the game in western Sydney, scheduling needs to improve. Only our second match near GWS this season, and our first at Skoda, and they throw it on Mother’s Day. There would have been thousands of mums there on any other day. Just. Dumb.


Kevin Sheedy: right as always

The A-League didn’t schedule a match for the Wanderers on Mother’s Day, did they?

12,000 members. Attendance of 5830. Wake up Demetriou.

Friday night games please. And more draft picks.

Obviously Sunday was a bit of a mixed bag for the Giants. Bad – Getting whooped by the Crows. Bad – Gold Coast grabbing another win. Good – Melbourne copping an absolute pasting.

As a team that judges performances on the winning of quarters, Adelaide had our measure. 4-zip. This wasn’t good.

I think more than ever me missed Izzy. There he was over at Moore Park showing all those doubters again just what they let go. I really reckon we could have won a quarter if he was still here.

But we all know we’re about the big picture at Breakfast Point. Jeremy Cameron kicked another three goals and is set to break Tony Lockett’s record some time in 2026.

Suck on that Swanbags.

May as well give Cameron the Coleman now

May as well give Cameron the Coleman now

And on that note, I watched the Hawks DISMANTLE the Swans on Saturday night, and my suspicions were confirmed.

Our Sam Reid’s better than their Sam Reid!

GWS 2 Sydney 0

Then there’s Tom Scully. He must be so glad he’s not with a losing team like Melbourne.
Not going to get any easier with Hawthorn completing the Sydney swing against us at Launceston on Saturday.

Would love to see an improvement, think if Palmer gets off at the tribunal and fires up the 7,8,9 trilogy we’re a big chance of jagging a term.


*They’re Asian (or from another non-Australian country)

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