Melbourne Cup review: Crooks, incompetence and losing the unlosable

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November 5, 2014 by dixwah

I won’t be making any excuses for Mutual Regard’s non-win yesterday. I put myself out there, and I’ll take my medicine.

What I expected

What should have happened

Looking back on it objectively, I did the sums, I found the winner, and was let down by both animal and little-person.

I can only lead the horse to water, so-to-speak.

And while I don’t want to bag a horse who’s traveled so far, or a jockey who’s won more than 100 Group One races, I will.

Oliver is known to bet on other horses in races. I’m not saying he did here, but you don’t have to be Lleyton Hewitt to see the similarities in the end result (Oliver lost).

And having given the horse a standard +1 rating as this was his first start since he went from tenor to a soprano, I was left dumbfounded by the horse’s lack of zip.

Did the trainer check that the ball-breaker had done the job properly?

It’s exasperating. As I once told a woman at a bar after convincing her I was a professional sports punter, “I can only do the numbers and it’s the variables, the uncontrollables, that really get to me.”

The bad video ref call. The dodgy LBW. Or in this case a poor castration and cheating jockey.

Thankfully, my carnival is not over. Saturday remains, and that’s where I’ll regain my bank balance, and my trust in an industry that, until Tuesday, was as pure and honest as they come.

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