A tribute to Binga: You bowled really fast

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January 29, 2015 by dixwah



You bowled really fast
And sometimes looked very daft
You scared the shit out of some inexperienced Indian batsman on your Test debut
For some reason you wore number 58 in one-day cricket
And you bowled really fast

McGrath extracted tremendous bounce
Gillespie was explosive
Warney was Warney
You bowled really fast

Your performances on The Cricket Show have been mediocre at best
Your chainsaw and tongue up near your nose wicket celebrations are a bit embarrassing sometimes
But you were undoubtedly the best cricketer in your family
Because you bowled really fast

Fair paddock Shane

Fair paddock Shane









In assessing our perception I think we’ve all been a bit tough
Although the Piers Morgan thing was pretty rough
I tip my hat, you revolutionised fast bowling
You set the bar
The 150 km per hour bar

If that makes sense
And the invention of speed guns helped
What speed you reckon Malcolm Marshall was in his prime?
Or Ian Bishop before he did his back?
They reckon Mike Whitney used to get ’em through too
But regardless there’s no doubt
You outlasted them all
Shaun Tait included
You bowled really fast

We sometimes forget
You took 310 Test wickets
That’s remarkable
You also changed the way we defined pace bowling
And God bless you for bowling beamers from 19 yards in NZ

I wish I could do that
You bowled really fast

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