Let’s talk Origin! (includes 5 useless SOO facts)

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May 27, 2015 by dixwah

Only 3 times a year BABAY! That’s right, Origin time. Where are you watching tonight? Oh, that sounds awesome. No, I’m good, I’m actually going to the game…maybe some other time.

(Awkward silence)

Can't work - getting angry #Origin

Can’t work – getting angry #Origin

Anyway, back to Origin. So many questions. Which Queensland greats will Malcolm Norman drag from obscurity to motivate his men? How many times will Gus throw a fist at the screen in his pre-match soliloquy? Where will Greg Bird be sitting and will he be allowed glass or (on previous form) asked to pour into plastic? Will Joey’s tie be frayed to the left or right?

All of these will soon be answered. They’re the uncontrollables. So let’s control what we can. Like ensuring you know more about SOO than everyone else. Except me that is – I know everything. Here’s a few pointers, even including context tips (urban dictionary style) for your use throughout tonight’s game. Your friends will be dazzled.


Urban Dictionary never disappoints: “That was forward ref, you Jamoke”.

  1. In Game 3 of the 1991 series, NSW had 4 players with the first name Brad.

Great run Jackson! Gee he reminds me of a young Brad Clyde. Actually, on Clyde, you know four Brad’s played for NSW in ’91. Fittler, Mackay, Clyde and Izzard. Amazing, eh.

  1. Nate Myles has an abnormally large head.

Gee Myles sparks up for Origin, eh. You know he has to walk at 45 degrees through corners, his head is THAT big.

  1. Ziggy Niszczot has the greatest name in Origin history.

Jennings is running rings around them tonight. Reckon he’s the best NSW centre since Ziggy Niszcott, eh.

Ziggy ask for ball. Ziggy get ball.

Ziggy ask for ball. Ziggy get ball.

  1. Origin matters so much to Queenslanders that the most popular names are Maroons legends.

Since Origin started, it’s like every banana-bender is called Walter, Allan, Billy or Trevor. God, they love their footy, eh.

  1. The ‘Queenslander’ call is only matched on the cringe-metre by orchestrated “New-South-Wales chachachacha” and the antics of Fanatics at tennis Grand Slams.

There’s another dipshit blow-in from Brisbane yelling Queenslander. Eh.

Gus is throwing punches at the screen chasing a segue. Darl, Origin's on!

Gus is throwing punches at the screen chasing a segue. Darl, Origin’s on!

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