American sports movies that depict the Australian dressing room this Ashes

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August 7, 2015 by dixwah

“As long as Rod doesn’t go all Nolte on us we’ll be ok”

We’ve all been in that dressing room. You might have won the toss, had them 5/30, second slip dropped the new guy on 1, a caught behind wasn’t given, and they’ve smacked their way to 8/330.

Or maybe you’re 4/135 chasing 180 before a stupid run out, dodgy LB and set batsman holing out at mid-on later you end up15 runs short.

There might also be the straight out licking, let’s say you’re bowled out for around 60 before lunch, with your opposition (England) 4/274 at stumps.

In any of these situations, the dressing room isn’t a fun place to be. Hats are thrown at bags and at walls. Eye contact is avoided. There’s that one senior player who has head in his hands and yells ‘FUCKKKKKKK!!!’ every few minutes.

Apart from the one time our club President barged in yelling ‘how the fuck did you lose to those Sammy Seals?’, the skipper or coach then takes the floor.

It’s generally a mix of taking the positives and harping on the negatives: not out of it yet, need to take our chances, improve concentration, game awareness is poor, we’re close.

There is no speech less galvanising or less inspiring.

That’s pretty much my take on Trent Bridge after play yesterday. Smith throws the baggy green, Warner f-bombs (Hazelwood a dark horse?), Nevill looks a bit miffed, Pup talks.

Following on (cricket gag #645) from the aberration in Cardiff, correction at Lord’s and debacle at Edgbaston, I dare say our ailing captain and his mate Uncle Boof are riding the roller coaster right now.

So what’s it like in there? I reckon these movie clips pretty much sum up the dressing-room situation after each Test and at stumps yesterday.

First Test, Cardiff – England win by 169 runs

Hey boys, we’ll come good, no need to worry, let’s get loose. Then Pup walks in.

Second Test, Lord’s – Australia win by 405 runs

A dominant win, order is restored. The team is content. Uncle Boof calls for controlled optimism, with his version of ‘one game at a time’.

Third Test, Birmingham – England win by 8 wickets

Wow, where did that come from? I thought we were back on track. Haddin’s out, we’ve lost our momentum. Pup calls for the team to come together and ‘fight for that inch’.

Day one, Trent Bridge

If things weren’t bad enough, in walks Rod Marsh.

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