5 Wallabies jokes that every rugby toff will love

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August 20, 2015 by dixwah

So Lord Bledisloe remains across the ditch, following a bit of a touch-up last weekend at Eden Park.

Me? I didn’t think Australia were that bad. The Wallabies were in the game and we don’t win in Auckland or with that referee (don’t get me started on the sin-bin/penalty try combo).

We beat them in Sydney. We also won the netball (in Sydney). Things are promising for the World Cup. Although not in Sydney.

Regardless, rugby in Australia is looking up. So with pub conversations spiking, here’s five bits of exceptional in-house Wallaby-related humour that will have you cackling all the way from Neutral Bay to Crows Nest.

Nb. I couldn’t think of more than five. Also, you may notice the standard drops quickly (struggled to think of five- not sure the fifth is a joke or statement).

  1. Do the Wallabies have any skeletons in the closet leading into the World Cup?

It would need to be a big closet, Will’s 6-foot-8 and 140 kegs!

The good old Skelton gag

The good old Skelton gag

  1. Following another ordinary night at Eden Park, why should Quade Cooper’s manager be hunting around for advertising deals with tyre companies?

Because if it only happens once a year, it’s a good year.

  1. What is the Wallabies favourite board game?


  1. If Steve Moore married the daughter of a former cricket umpire, what would his hyphenated name become?

Steve Moore-Hair

  1. What did the Honey Badger say after he heard he was in the World Cup squad?

No, that’s a serious question. I can’t understand the bloke.

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