Neil Dix

Sport is the name of the game. And while I would love to play it for a living, that didn’t quite work out. Which makes me bitter. On one ankle and with a busted elbow, I still reckon I could trap Shane Watson in front early, add something to the Rabbitohs, dominate a Super rugby lineout or kick a handful for the Swans.

Which makes me delusional.

But that’s the sort of person you’re dealing with. Now, with no chance of playing sport for a living, I’m trying to get into sports writing for a living.

My articles will tell you I’m similarly far away.


One thought on “About

  1. A Donovan says:

    Some fantastic reporting here…..reminds of some of the greats like F. Wit et al; Ive left the Times, Sun & Telegraph on the tube to follow this insight!
    – Essex Eagle

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