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Japan diaries2

Yeah so I went to Japan in August. Feeling unusually inspired, I also kept little memories in the Notes section of my phone. I forgot about them (until now).

I should probably edit/delete/order these, but I figure I’ll just give the full picture.

True to being a bit of a dippy, many factors at the centre of keeping a proper record (dates and locations particularly) are sparse.

Regardless – ENJOY!!

The Japan diaries

Around Shinjuku Station, I’d estimate 1 in 15 locals wears a face mask.


Waiting at the platform for the train, this French mother was hugging her kid’s (7/8 years old) head and ruffling his hair in her breasts. The motor boating son of a bitch! I reckon I wasn’t as grossed out as I would normally be – a part of me thought ‘gee those French’.


On these long-distance trains you can put your bag in the cabin above, and there’s also a space for bigger bags at the back. The French family had a really big bag and followed me to put it back there, but a Japanese guy yelled at him shaking his finger obviously saying it wasn’t allowed. Confused, the French father stopped at his seat to regroup, only for the Japanese man to walk past and put his own smaller bag in the back area.

One of Jess’s major frustrations so far is when something she’d generally order is only on the Japanese menu. Gyoza’s were her undoing tonight.

Conversation tonight with a young bloke at a little 6-seater bar “You Australian, where from?” “Sydney.” “I’m from Sydney too, whereabouts?” “I live in Balmain.” “I don’t know where that is.” He then announced he was from the shire (Cronulla specifically when pressed – if he’s from Cronulla just say Cronulla?!?!) but had lived in Newtown for a year. Lived in Newtown for a year and didn’t know where Balmain is? I decided the guy was either full of shit or a knob (and if he was full of shit he was a knob I guess) and didn’t talk to him again.

Us and the neighbouring table at dinner were pretty star struck tonight with Kanye sitting just there. Eddie Jones was there as well. I wonder if he knew?


I’ve started calling Jess Hootie because she had an allergic reaction and her face went puffy like a blowfish. She’s calling me Leroy Loggins, because I hit my noggin on all these undersized doorways at least 3 times a day.


The urinals here are impressive. They’re about 5 feet tall (covering for the 9ft tall man I guess) with a good width. No splashback. They’re all make by Toto. Is that where the band got its name from?


3-from-3: Tempura to diarrhoea. There’s something in it which doesn’t agree with me


Jess commented today on the lack of bald Japanese men. I interpreted it as a sociological take on it compared to Anglo-Saxons, but looking back on it, the way she sounded impressed by them and their hair, I think it was a shot at me.


I thought Jess called me cancer pants today, but I misheard her, she actually asked if I’d brought my pants.


Tonight we went to this awesome bar in Shibuya where a guy plays music from a massive collection of 80s records and at the start of every song puts the record in a frame like a ‘Now Showing’ sign at a cinema. Only about 20 seats, even split between locals and tourists. The Japanese guy next to us requested ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ by Tears for Fears, and he was pretty chuffed when with the thumbs up from us when he showed us his choice.


Two kiwis on the subway today:

K1: So he said 4 stops, is tha furst stop whure you get on or the one ufter that? Discussions continued. Me and Jess found it hilarious and mocked them as we got off at our stop.

We then realised we were one stop early. Touché.


Did the onsen thing. The nudity thing isn’t really a problem. I was more nervous about making some sort of cultural mistake. We read the guide and looked up the websites and gave it a crack. No one seemed to yell at me or viciously shake their head so I think I did ok. Seriously relaxing experience, much like a sauna I guess. I went later that night and the one other guy there seemed to be moving around a lot for a communal bath of about 3m x 2m. He was Italian or Japanese, I wasn’t wearing my glasses so couldn’t tell. I was going to one of the two outdoor baths anyway so it was no big deal, until as soon as I’d dipped in he almost sprinted to go in the other one. I was probably a bit more weirded out than I needed to be but I considered it strange behaviour. I knew he was back in the main indoor bath when I heard these ‘whooshing’ noises that sounded like he was doing butterfly. This morning’s solo bath was delightful btw.



5 thoughts on “Dixie does life – The Japan diaries

  1. Shannon Cole says:

    Haha, this is funny.
    Can definitely relate as a late 20s coffee convert myself. Would always choose an instant over espresso … There, I said it!

  2. GMc says:

    My vote for ordinary office ettiquette … Monday’s Expert. He is the bloke who can always tell you why the team than won on the weekend won. But where was his opinion on Friday?

  3. The Doddster says:

    Some of your best work

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